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Services I Provide

I provide many services (disclaimer: none of these are for SEXUAL purposes; merely to enhance pleasure through the application of pain).

A few ground rules are as followed:

There is a phone number that will be provided. You may call and make your appointment; however, if you do not call back in significant time for your follow-up call (which will be explained after you first contact the Mistress) your appointment will be considered canceled.

Outcalls usually cannot be arranged. Keep this in mind while deliberating.

Also, the Mistress does not engage in any practices that involves copious amounts of blood and/or feces, as the health risk involved is too great. "Golden Showers" can be negotiated, however.

The Mistress has two assistants currently working with Her:

A young and beautiful 19-year old crossdresser from exotic origins. The name says it all...she is a 22-year old studying in the art of human discipline.

If you are interested in contacting MzCara to set up an appointment, you will call (412) 734-1044 or you may e-mail Her at, however understand that phone calls will usually get a quicker response.

And one last but not least notice: HAVE TOTAL RESPECT FOR THE MISTRESS. Anybody with immature impulses are suggested to call one of the 976-numbers or frequent your local seedy singles bar, whichever works better for you. This is for people serious about BDSM, period.